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Inspired by our sister, daughter, friend.


How We Started

Member Feese survived the terror attack on the UN Building in Abuja, Nigeria on 26th August 2011. Her ordeal brought a lot of people together as we experienced first hand the appalling state of healthcare service delivery in Nigeria. We also realised that we cannot continue to look away and wait for ‘someone else’ to do ‘something.’

Our experience was a mere engagement with the symptoms of a greater problem – a problem that many times seems too big to tackle, but we cannot keep looking away. What will happen to our children and future generations if we do? The risks are too high.

We have decided that we will do what we can and encourage others to do what they can. If many of us contribute drops to this ocean, then the waves of change will inevitably rise. There is strength in numbers!

What We Hope to Achieve

Since we started doing what we can in 2011, it has been a challenging journey. We have worked with government organisations Servicam and private bodies like the Murtala Mohammed Foundation. We have had small victories. We have had frustrations. We have had big ambitions. We have tried to be realistic.

Our experiences have helped us develop a better understanding of what is required for deep and lasting change. We’ve also grown to appreciate and recognise the benefits of more practical approaches to quick wins and visible results.

Moving forward Team Member will adopt a two-pronged approach to change. On the one hand we will have practical projects geared towards improving the quality of service received by Nigerians across both the public and private sectors. These services can include, but are not limited to, healthcare, transportation and social amenities. Our second approach will utilise our numbers to give support to good causes, give a voice to the voiceless and engage in any positive activities which will result peace, goodness and justice.

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"The road of advocacy is long and difficult. I believe Team Member can go a long way."

"Mrs. Aishat Oyebode"

"It's a wonderful initiative and I'm glad to be of support"

"Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi"


"What Team Member is doing is wonderful and I would like to see more Nigerians following this example"

"Cardinal John Onaiyekan"

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What does it mean to be a member of Team Member?

We call on our members to participate as needs arise. Member can support in any way possible with expertise, services, time, money, contacts and more. It is purely voluntary at our member's discussion

How do I become a member?

Please use the signup field above or send an email to mail@iamteammember.org

Are activities tied to one location?

No. While we have members across the world who have connected with our vision and message, we primarily operate out of Abuja, but we hope to grow activities across Nigeria.

Can I make suggestions for activities or otherwise

Absolutely. That is exactly what Team Member is about

Who leads this organisation?

The founding members have been driving us forward and keeping the organisation alive but all members are invited to take up more active roles if they are interested.

Are donations acceptable? In what form?

We have had a number of activities which have needed clothes, books, food supplies, financial supplies and more. Please get in touch and let's know what you have in mind

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